Taking The Suspense Out Of Suspension

It’s easy to take your vehicle’s suspension for granted. But without it, you’d be in for a very bumpy ride, and your safety could even be compromised.

What Does The Suspension Do?

The suspension system, which mainly consists of shocks and struts, fulfils a number of functions.

As most people know, the suspension is there to absorb the lumps, bumps and irregularities of the road, giving you a much smoother ride. Most roads have potholes, cracks and humps, even if they are new. The suspension acts as a shock absorber, preventing you and your passengers from bouncing around.

But what many people don’t realize is that the suspension also contributes towards the handling of the vehicle, improving your ability to stop, steer and turn. If your suspension isn’t working properly, you’ll have a harder time controlling the vehicle, and your breaking distance will be greater.

So, suspension isn’t just about having a smooth ride, it’s also about your safety.

Signs Your Suspension Needs Repairing

It’s recommended that you have the shocks and struts of your suspension system replaced every 80,000 kilometers.

However, you won’t want to replace them unless it’s necessary. Therefore you should ask a mechanic to check your shocks and struts to see if they are worn. Or you can watch out for the telltale signs that your suspension is in need of repair. These include:

  • Your vehicle bounces or bottoms out every time you hit a bump
  • Your vehicle drifts or pulls when turning or changing lanes
  • The nose of your vehicle dips when you apply the breaks
  • Balding spots appear on your tires, meaning that the tread is wearing down unevenly
  • The shocks and struts look oily

Book In For A Service Appointment

If you think that your suspension needs repairing, or you’ve put more than 80,000 kilometers on the clock since last replacing your shocks and struts, book your car in for a service appointment. One of our experienced mechanics will be able to advise whether any of the suspension components need replacing.

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