Taking a Roadtrip This Summer?

Depending on how far you’re going, you may or may not find some of these items necessary. Our Summer Roadtrip Checklist gives you some things to think about.

  • Driving a camper? Remember that Integra Tire & Auto Centre North Vancouver can service campers and RVs with up to 16 foot wheel bases, and we have high ceilings for height clearance.
  • GPS; preferably one you can speak to without touching and that has a built-in Bluetooth (in cases where you must talk while driving).
  • A REAL Map (for backup). I’ve heard stories of GPS’ sending people to farms in the middle of no where, 50 miles in the wrong direction!
  • Phone Charger & Phone – an extra phone and/or battery never hurt.– Proof of Insurance and RoadSide Assistance / BCAA Membership. Do you have OnStar? BCAA? ICBC Road Side assistance? Do you know what your membership number is and/or where your member card is?
  • Wheel Rotation / Alignment – Check it before you go. Most roads are crowned (higher in the centre to allow rain water to drain; this wears on tires, even if you drive nicely and don’t hit curbs. It is worth checking it once per year or so).
  • Drinking Water and Non-Perishable Food – water bottles are good. You can live without food for a while, but you can’t live without water for very long.
  • Flashlight (just in case) with fresh batteries – check and make sure it works.
  • First Aid Kit – better to be prepared.
  • Sunglasses, SunScreen, Hats.
  • Games, Toys, MP3, iPOD, Music – for the Kids.
  • Flares, Jumper Cables, Jack, Spare Tires, Fire Extinguisher.
  • And last but not least a Car Checkup with Oil & Filter Change *VERY IMPORTANT!* It’s hard to have a fun road trip without a car that works! This is where we can help!


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