Is Your Car Keeping It’s Cool

The weather in Vancouver can be unpredictable but when it gets hot you definitely want your vehicle to be cool, comfortable and climate-controlled. It’s usually obvious when your car’s air conditioning isn’t working properly but it can be difficult to know if your engine cooling system is removing heat from the engine and transmission until it’s too late.

Air Conditioning

With the amount of seals and hoses involved in keeping your cabin temperature comfortable, you can’t expect systems to last forever. A worn out gasket or hose can lead to a refrigerant leak which can affect how your vehicle’s AC performs. A recharge fills your vehicles cooling system with more refrigerant, but it is best to have your vehicle examined as a recharge won’t fix the problem if there’s a leak.

Cooling System

Your car’s cooling system removes heat from the engine and automatic transmission and dissipates heat to the air outside. The water pump circulates coolant through the engine; the coolant absorbs heat and returns it to the radiator where heat is dissipated; and the thermostat regulates the coolant temperature to keep it consistent for efficient engine operation.


Before taking a summer roadtrip have your air conditioning and cooling systems checked and you’ll avoid permanent engine or system damage and have a more comfortable and relaxing trip. Call us at 604-984-3551 to book your appointment.