INTEGRA-TY Shop Stories

Wayne’s Shop Story

Out of Integra-ty and Aligned with Integra-ty

“I recently had to buy a used truck for my business. It was evident quickly that the steering column needed alignment on the truck. So, I took it to a reliable company on the North Shore, only to learn that they could not help me fix it.

So, I took it to another company this time on Pemberton and the same thing happened. They could not help me. “No worries”, I thought. “Third time is the charm”. But, strike three. I took it to a company that is well known for doing this type of alignment work. They repaired my truck and when I drove it afterwards – to my shock – the problem was worse than before! When I complained, the company told me I actually needed to replace the steering column and that repair would cost me a couple of thousand dollars. The truck wasn’t worth that kind of expensive repair. I felt I was getting a total run around. Frustrated at what I was experiencing around my truck, I mentioned my problems to Brian Wilson of Integra Tire at a recent BNI meeting. He said, “Why don’t you bring it to us?” I replied that I did not know he did alignments. He said, “Absolutely, I do!”

Well, I took Brian my truck and when I drove it after the repairs it was clear the issue was significantly better. I think Simon, who is Brian’s mechanic at Integra Tire is just a total genius. He knows everything about engines and he was able to fix my truck without an expensive bill. I am so grateful to Integra Tire. I highly recommend Brian and highly skilled team.”

Wayne Hawrish, Soraku Redevelopments