Do you have your winter tires on yet?

Do you have your winter tires on yet? Please call us for an appointment.

Don’t forget that your tire pressures drop with colder temperatures. Come by for an air pressure adjustment!

Winter Tire Facts:

– “All-Season” tires are regular compound with a tread block designed to outperform summer tires when it comes to wet and mildly snowy conditions. However, when stacked up to proper winter tires, there is zero competition. At temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, the rubber of the summer or all-season tire hardens, similar to a hockey puck. The winter tire compound is designed to remain pliable and provide grip in the coldest of conditions.

– In temperatures south of 7 degree Celsius, a winter tire’s pliable nature allows for improved coming, braking, and all-round traction

Winter tires should be mounted on all four corners of your vehicle to avoid instability in critical situations.All wheel drive vehicles still require winter tires (they brake and corner like a regular car does).


Winter tire use naturally extends the life of your non-winter tires. They aren’t so much an additional cost – but rather an investment in safety.

It’s not about whether there is snow on the ground, it’s all about proper grip during cold temperatures. According to ICBC, if you get in a crash where winter tires could have helped, it may be a deciding factor in determining whether, or how much, you are at-fault. If the use of winter tires saves you once over their lifetime from hitting a curb, another vehicle, or a pedestrian, then they’ve paid for themselves.

The safety and well being of you and your family is worth it!