Car Maintenance In North Vancouver For Your BC Staycation

Road trips are a great adventure for all the family. Here in British Columbia we have some beautiful countryside to explore, not to mention vast distances to travel!

But we want you to be safe and secure on your journey. Which is why we’ve put together a road trip preparation checklist for your vehicle. That way you can spend more time having fun, and less time waiting for your roadside recovery service to show up.

Getting Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready For Your BC Staycation

Get your vehicle road trip ready with our eight-point checklist

  1. Check your engine
    It can be hard to know when your engine is going to fail. But if you open the bonnet and you can see some obvious leaks or cracks, then you can be confident there’s something wrong. Of course, another telling sign is if the engine warning light is on! If so, be sure not to set off without getting the engine checked over.
  2. Check your fluids
    Make sure your engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid and brake fluid are all topped up. These are all simple tasks that you can do at home, but which can lead to disastrous results if overlooked.
  3. Check your timing and serpentine belts
    Check to see if the timing and/or serpentine belts look to be in good nick. If they look worn, it may be prudent to get them replaced before you leave. Otherwise you risk breaking down during your trip, which could be tricky if it happens in the middle of nowhere.
  4. Check your tires
    Check the tread on your tires is not too worn and replace them if needed. Then make sure the tire pressure is correct, as this will help to improve fuel economy. Also, be sure that the tires on your vehicle are right for the terrain you are likely to encounter. If it’s sweltering outside and you have winter tires fitted, they will wear out much faster.
  5. Check your wipers
    From hot dusty roads to heavy downpours – you never know what weather you’re going to encounter during a road trip in British Columbia. Whatever the conditions, you’ll need to see where you’re going. If your wipers are leaving streaks across the windshield, it can be extremely dangerous, so be sure to get them replaced if needed.
  6. Check your electrics
    Check all your electrics, from the headlights to the brake lights, and the heater to the air conditioning. If a bulb is gone, or one of the electrical systems isn’t working as it should be, resolve the issue before hitting the road.
  7. Pack some spares
    While everything may be working just fine when you leave, there’s always the chance that something will break during the journey itself. Be prepared for this by packing some spares, along with a few tools. We recommend a spare tire, wipers, engine oil, headlight bulbs, windshield washer fluid and a spare key.
  8. Pack an emergency kit
    Even with the best preparation in the world, a situation may arise where you have to spend the night in your car. So be sure to have an emergency kit packed, just in case. This should include a first aid kit, water, food and blankets.

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