Can you see me?

How can one prevent accidents if one cannot be seen? It is proven that being visible can in fact prevent a potential accident from occurring.

Have you ever noticed on dark, rainy days that drivers often forget to use their headlights? Forgetting to make use of headlights is a dangerous act, especially if the driver owns a dark shaded vehicle which blends into the roadway. Yes, virtually every vehicle is properly equipped with quality daytime running lights, a necessary feature to judge oncoming traffic. Unfortunately the daytime lighting system does not generally illuminate from the rear, or in other words, the tail lights. The lack of light exerted from the tail end can pose a serious hazard for those vehicles following behind; nobody likes a rear end situation.

Forgetting the lights can be an easy mistake to make, particularly if the dashboard lights are lit, leading one to think that both the headlights and taillights are operational. Physically turning the lights on from the driver’s seat rather than relying on the car to automatically flip the “on switch” would ensure that each corner of the vehicle is well lit and visible to fellow drivers.

Accidents are never a positive experience, and making sure other drivers can see your vehicle is vital to accident prevention. Turn the lights on, have fun, and drive safe!