Best Summer Road Trip Apps

We can help keep you be safe on the road but sometimes you need a little more help than that. Here are some great apps that you can download for your next road trip.

Best Don’t Get Caught in the Cold App

Even before you leave, you should check the Weather Network app so you know what to pack. It will also help while you’re on the road so you can avoid any kind of bad weather.

Easiest Navigation App

If you need help with navigation, try downloading the Waze app. This app allows users to upload current traffic conditions so you can get real-time information no matter what city in which you are driving.

Fabulous Food Finding Apps

If you’re travelling to a new city, you may not have any clue about where to eat. The Yelp app will help direct you to a restaurant by searching a price point, location near you, or a specific cuisine. The Zomato app will also help you decide on a restaurant based on user ratings and uploaded pictures.

Best Gas Price App

No road-tripper should leave the house without downloading the GasBuddy app. This app will tell you where the lowest gas prices are near you. It’s the easiest way for you to save a buck or two on your road trip.

Best Bathroom App

All road-trippers know that the hardest part of travelling is finding a clean bathroom at the right time. Have you ever just passed a gas station and no one needed to go to the bathroom but you go five minutes down the road and everyone needs to use one now? With the SitOrSquat app, you can find out what the cleanest bathroom is near you; that way you can force everyone to get out and use that bathroom.

Best Find Me a Hotel App

If your journey takes you somewhere unexpectedly and you need to find a hotel, make sure to download the Trip Advisor app. You’ll be able to check user reviews and pictures to make an affirmative decision on where you and your family should sleep for the night.

Now with all your apps to help you out, your road trip should be smooth sailing. But remember that if you run into any vehicle or tire problems, you can visit any Integra Tire and Auto Centre across Canada.