All Season Tires Not For All Seasons

Here in British Columbia, winter tires are mandatory when using many of the highways during the colder months, particularly if you’re driving north of Vancouver or in the interior. But now that spring is here, these restrictions will be lifted March 31st which means you might be thinking about changing over to all season tires, right now!

What Are All Season Tires?

All season tires are suited to dry and mild conditions. So really they are better described as three season tires, because they work best in spring, summer and fall.

It’s true that during the winter many people drive around cities with all season tires, but they are not recommended in snowy or icy conditions. And as we’ve already mentioned, all season tires are not actually permitted on certain roads during winter.

This is because all season tires and winter tires grip the road differently.

All season tires are made from a hard rubber compound that remains malleable enough to grip the road, so long as the temperature doesn’t fall below 7°c. If the temperature does fall below 7°c, they become very inflexible, causing them to lose traction.

All season tires also have a moderate tread that is designed to maximize efficiency, reduce noise and increase comfort. This is great in warmer conditions, but if there’s snow and ice on the road the tread will quickly become clogged up, making slips and skids more likely.

Removing Your Winter Tires

You might be wondering whether you should bother taking your winter tires off at all. However, it’s very important that you change to all season tires (or summer tires) during the hotter months.

This is because winter tires are designed to stay flexible in colder temperatures. Once it starts to get warmer, winter tires simply won’t be able to withstand the heat being emitted from the road. This will cause them to wear faster, while the vehicle will not handle as well.

Therefore your vehicle needs to be fitted with the right tires for the season. This will ensure your safety, improve performance and make for a more enjoyable driving experience.

Book A Service Appointment To Change Your Tires Now

At Integra we carry a wide variety of all season tires for a number of different vehicles, including light trucks and ATVs. We can advise which type of tire would best suit you and your vehicle.

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